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The Masters – British Theatre Challenge 2016


10 winning playwrights, 4 directors, 1 theatre,
and a bevy of actors thrown in to a melting pot of creativity.

Sky Blue Theatre Company is absolutely delighted and enormously proud to bring you
new writing from the celebrated winners of the British Theatre Challenge 2016

Join us for yet another incredible weekend of creative exchanges. 
Laugh, cry, ponder and marvel at some of the best new writing of 2016 as it is transformed from page to stage and at the end of the evening you decide who the winner should be!

Rub shoulders with actors, directors and the winning writers of Britain’s prestigious international playwriting competition for two absorbing evenings of diverse, exciting and singular stories from around the world.

Produced by Sky Blue Theatre Company and supported by writers internationally the BTC is the new writing event of the year bringing us ten unforgettable tales, exploring relationships and the strange and convoluted world we live in.

Friday 2nd December

Blue Love by Daithi de Buitleir
When a troubled student submits an inappropriate piece of coursework, she sets in motion a destructive,
illicit relationship.

Water under the Bridge by Trevor Suthers
A fast-paced, punchy and confrontational piece, Water under the Bridge stylishly explores themes of
betrayal, recrimination and bloody revenge.

Mercy Killing by Rikki B. Schwartz
…examining the darker side of forgiveness.

The Gangster Game by Kathryn Bakewell
The heat is turned up to eleven when an undercover agent enters a poker game with two thick-headed gangsters.

Fallen Wings by Brenda Foley
A tiny gem of a memory play exposing the complex relationship between a mother and daughter.


Saturday 3rd December

The Windsor Con by Paul McCormick
To what lengths does Frank go in justifying past behaviours? Why not just say, I’m sorry?

iDOLLatry by Jacqueline Malcolm
Inspired by Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House, a story of lust and mastery.

The Likeness by Peter Billingham
A man awaits an artist.  Memory and desire await their reckoning. A secret past awaits its likeness – and redemption?

Driven by Rob Selzer
You’ll love watching this likeable narcissist try to charm his way out of one helluva mess.

Berry Season by Rosemary Frisino Toohey
A young lovely shopping for strawberries ignites the cashier’s imagination and launches his libido on
the crimson seas of desire.


The British Theatre Challenge – Supporting and producing work by emerging and established writers across the globe since 2011.