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BTC 2021

Thank you so much for submitting your play to the British Theatre Challenge 2021. Our international playwriting competition saw entries from 20 different countries, showing us just what a wealth of talent there continues to be around the world.

What’s really stood out this year has been the authenticity of the characters and their dialogue. It seems that while we’ve been separated this past year, you’ve been listening even more closely and responding to what’s around you, working hard in these challenging circumstances to reflect the humanity that surrounds us all. We as readers have laughed, cried, and felt your work, thank you.

Congratulations if your play has been listed below as you have been marked in the top 25% of submissions and placed on our Longlist for this year’s playwriting competition. If your play has not been selected, remember, this is only the opinion of our readers and other theatre professionals may have a different opinion so please keep writing and putting your work out there to be discovered.

In Alphabetical Order:

A Gift to Forget
A Lovely Day for a Boating Trip (and to kill your spouse)
A Simple Matter of Life and Death
A Visit
And One More Thing…
Annexing the Palisades
Anything But Dogs
Armchair Critic
Artist Unknown
Baubles, Bangles, and Bankruptcy
Budget Airlines Flight 711
Building Ten
Can There Be Justice For TJ
Caperucita (Little Red)
Chains And Rings
Churchyard Reckoning
Clara and Serra and The Talking Bear
Cleaning House
Company Fracture
Criminal Counsel
Cut it out
Darkenss into Light
Dead Man Balking or the Kiss of Death
Destiny is a Careless Waiter
Dolly’s Dilemma
Each Fallen Robin
Faux Future
Feet First
Fig Dude
Fine Young Assholes
God is Trans
Going Up
Growing Old WithOUT Grace
Hal and His Atomic Ray Gun
Hello Stranger
His Love
I’m still the same person inside
In Re: Radding v Glazer
Kalgary Will Survive the Death of the West
Last Rites
Maizie and Willow, Brown Penny, Blue Pillow
Memory, Speak
Midnight at the Pancake Shack
Muddle Management
My Baby Your Baby
On the Greene at Runnymede
One Naughty Box
Open House
Our Finest Work
Our Fortnight
Plastic People
Quinn Doesn’t Care
Red Laces
Relative Values
Revelations: Book of Lucy
Rude Awakening
Safe and Sound
See, Invisible
Soul Traders
Sounds from The Merry-go-round
Sustain Me
The Ask
The Circle of Life
The Gift
The Hand We’re Dealt
The Injured Party
The Key to Life
The Magic in Christopher
The Orange One
The Origin of the Species
The Tea Test
The Underground Angel
The Waiting Room
The World Is Flat
Two Sisters
Tybalt and Nutella
Unfinished Portrait
Unlike Father and Son
We Seem to Be Conversing
When’s Jimmy Gettin’ Back?
Whispering to my Pram – Voices of the Single Mummy
You Butterfly
You fell from The Swing

Now we have the challenging yet thoroughly enjoyable task of creating a shortlist. All being well, this should be completed by 20th July.

We believe that playwrights play an important role in the world, whether it be highlighting inequality, encouraging debate on social issues or allowing people to be transported to an imagined world, which is why the British Theatre Challenge is so important to us as a company.

If you have any feedback about the running of the competition, we would value your comments.

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