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British Theatre Challenge Longlist

Thank you one and all for entering this year’s British Theatre Challenge. Once again the writing has been of the highest standard meaning our readers have had a thoroughly enjoyable yet incredibly challenging job.

Congratulations if your play has been listed below as you have been selected and placed on our Longlist for this year’s challenge!…

Our readers are now charged with the challenge of creating a shortlist of only 25 plays. This should be completed by 30th June.

In No Particular Order:

Little Moscow
Going to Do Jihad
Moving on
Our Lady of Palmyra
I Want to Run Away With You
Anima Animus
Water Under The Bridge
The Windsor Con
My Name is Richard
The Grim Reaper
Buster & Johnny
Every Breath You Take
Dead Loss
Tres Bien Au Lit
Fishing for Members
The Potato Field
Fallen Wings
Berry Season
The Callback
Dust and Ash
The Gangster Game
Welcome to Whitemore
Captain Wonderful
Ellen and Troy and Eloise
If They Only Knew
The Likeness
Soap in My Eyes
About Michael
The Frozen Honeymoon
You Butterfly
Blue Love
Threatened Panda Fights Back
As I Go Along
What’s your point, Grandad
Mercy Killing
Every Parent’s Dream
Mother’s Ruin
The Sum of Me
The Fun Run
Moldy Figs
Far From Providence
I’m Fine
Polite Conversation
Tapped Out
Fear the Reaper

If you have not been selected we would like to congratulate you for not only submitting some highly creditable writing but also for continuing to emphasize what capability there is in the world of playwriting. Remember, this is only the opinion of our readers and other theatre professionals may have a different opinion.

We believe that playwrights play an important role in the world, whether it be highlighting inequality, encouraging debate on social issues or allowing people to be transported to an imagined world, which is why the British Theatre Challenge is so important to us as a company.

If you have any feedback about the running of the competition, we would value your comments.

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