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British Theatre Challenge Shortlist 2015

So here it is folks, The British Theatre Challenge Shortlist 2015
From this list of 25 plays, 10 winning plays will be selected by the end of July to be performed at the Lost Theatre, London on the 23rd and 24th October 2015.

Congratulations to all our writers for submitting such diverse and well researched scripts!

In no particular order…

Speak of the Devil
Monstrification of Eastern Europe
Diary of a Teenage Porn Star
The Adulterer and Mr Mole
Margaret Thatcher Changes the World
The Interview Stage
On Your Walls
Neighbourhood Watch
Don’t Forget
Life’s Work
Death Certificate
Being Frank
Baby Blue
Coral’s Anus
Bless Me Father
The Baited Blade
Maiden Over
The Brutalization of Bertha Mason
Idiot Spaz
A hotel suite (Or, The Catastrophe of Success)
The Radio Interview