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Casting Breakdown – British Theatre Challenge 2016

Performance Dates
Friday 2nd, Saturday 3rd December at Lost Theatre, Stockwell

Travel expense allowance, comp tickets to the show and a video copy of the project will be provided.

Details & Requirements
Audition Dates: 12th and 13th November
Rehearsals commence: 17th November

10 winning one act plays from around the world, performed and filmed over two nights. An eclectic mix of comedy, thriller, romance, mystery and horror in two evenings wherein the audience will be asked to vote for the play believed to be the best which will then receive the audience appreciation award.

Our selected winning plays are of the highest quality, so much so that over the last two year’s, 18 out of 20 plays were offered publication! We expect this year’s plays to continue that record.

Opportunity to play in more than one play across the performance weekend. A perfect showcase for artists seeking new representation and to invite casting directors along to.

  • Please email with your CV and covering letter.
  • Submissions for multiple roles welcome.
  • We look forward to hearing from you.


    Water Under The Bridge
    Challenging pacey dialogue; old friends, American gangsters, Louis and Tony meet unexpectedly in the
    changing room of a sauna and revisit their violent, brutal past. Powerful story leading to a savage climax.
    As they dress they use the opportunity to settle old scores.

    [LOUIS] [MALE] [AGE: 30+]

    Gangster. American accent. Needs strong teamwork

    [TONY] [MALE] [AGE: 30+]

    Gangster. American accent.


    Fallen Wings

    A daughter, Meghan, reflects on final episodes with her dying mother – home, café, hospital- then realises her mother has passed away.
    [MEGHAN] [FEMALE] [AGE: 30+] 

    Good at being alone; very well spoken; talks directly to the audience; mourns a relationship with her mother
    that never was

    [MOTHER] [FEMALE] [AGE: 40+]

    Also good at being alone; closed off; cold; bitter; judgemental


    Committed to her job



    roles 2,3,4 can be same actor



    Inspired by Ibsen’s A Doll’s House, Richard Jones has found Pearl and placed her in a cage in the basement of
    his home. Richard’s wife, Janice, is appalled.

    [PEARL] [FEMALE] [AGE: 20s – 30s]

    Long hair; attractive; must be able to move, sit, stand rigidly like a doll


    Lethargic; henpecked; suffering a midlife crisis;


    Housewife; outspoken; overbearing; controlling; ability to play comedy an advantage


    The Gangster Game

    Just a friendly, illegal back-street poker game, but Johnny and Eddy have no idea Sergey is an undercover federal. When things go awry,
    a shoot-out commences, and that’s when Mrs Pesci interrupts the 10 year olds’ gangster game.

    [JOHNNY] [MALE] [AGE: 30+]

    British, cockney accent; gangster; ability to act like a ten year old and move in slow motion required

    [EDDY] [MALE] [AGE: 30+]

    American accent , 1930s New York gangster; ability to act like a ten year old and move in slow motion required

    [SERGEY] [MALE] [AGE: 30+]

    Undercover Russian mobster; ability to act like a ten year old and move in slow motion required ; Russian
    and English accents

    [MRS PESCI] [FEMALE] [AGE: 30+]

    (pronounced Peh-shee, as in Joe Pesci) cheerful British mother.


    Blue Love

    When Tara Maher, the troubled daughter of local developer Michael Dan Maher, submits an inappropriate
    piece of coursework to her lecturer Steve Collis in a regional college in small-town Ireland, she sets in motion a destructive, illicit relationship which comes to a head as the anniversary of
    the suicide of her twin sister Caoimhe approaches.


    Strong Dublin accent, a lecturer awaiting his viva. Non-committal, a moral coward who believes himself basically moral; becomes involved with his student

    [LARRY KEHOE] [MALE] [AGE: 30s]

    History lecturer; an unmarried local; Motivated by alpha-male rivalry and a vicarious transgressive impulse; Irish accent

    [TARA MAHER] [FEMALE] [AGE: Early 20s]

    A student; bipolar; very bright; Desperate to escape the small-town, particularly since her twin sister’s suicide; destructive; becomes involved with her teacher; vulnerable;
    troubled; Irish accent


    Tara’s father; a big man; a bankrupt developer; Used to having his way with workers; widower; confident;
    protective of his daughter; Irish accent


    Mercy Killing

    Mercy Killing examines (via a post-coital discussion between two lovers) how Abby’s affair decades earlier, and her then husband’s forgiveness
    thereof, has lead to paralysing aftershocks that have followed her ever since.
    [ABBY] [FEMALE] [AGE: 30+]

    An Attorney. Witty, smart, occasionally acerbic, guarded; American accent

    [DREW] [MALE] [AGE: 30s+]

    Witty, smart, Affable; American accent


    The Likeness

    The story of a dictator, Mostar, now without power and Lash, a girl who paints him. Poetic and symbolic the
    play asks questions about religion and tyranny.

    [MOSTAR] [MALE] [AGE: 40+]

    Handsome and has an aura of barely diminished self-command and power, RP

    [LASH] [FEMALE] [AGE:, 30s – 50s]

    Commanding, controlling, sensual,  RP,



    Matt is driving to work to finalise the deal of a lifetime but in a series of phone calls from his girlfriend, wife
    and father everything goes wrong and his driving becomes more manic ending in a dramatic climax.

    [MATT] [MALE] [AGE: 30+]

    A wealthy businessman speeds toward the deal of a lifetime; Uber-cool; charming; egotistical; Armani suited; Knows how to drive; he becomes increasingly frantic watching the
    deal slip through his fingers; player – is cheating on his wife with a younger model.

    [FLIC] [FEMALE] [AGE: 20s]

    Matts girlfriend. Attractive, not very intelligent; fashion victim;naive; thinks the world revolves around her;
    flirtatious; is having an affair with Matt.

    [ELIZABETH]  [FEMALE] [AGE: 30s+]

    Matts wife; dedicated; harried; a housewife and mother; unaware her husband is unfaithful

    [STEVE] [MALE] [AGE: 30+]

    Matts business partner; anxious, chardonnay socialist;

    [DAD] [MALE] [AGE: 50+]

    Father to Mat; hard of hearing; kindly; fatherly;

    [RAFI] [MALE/FEMALE] [AGE: 10]

    Rafi, Matts son – playing age ten years old


    The Windsor Con

    Frank on his 64th birthday recalls incidents and meetings with family and friends. He believes his family are
    coming to celebrate with him but he never cared about them so they don’t.

    [FRANK] [MALE] [AGE: 50s+]

    Deadbeat Dad; mean spirited; American accent; lost sense of reality;never takes responsibiity for anything
    – from Detroit

    [CHERYL] [FEMALE] [AGE: 40s+]

    Frank’s ex-wife; American accent; hardy; not afraid to speak her mind; sick of Franks bullshit

    [FRANNIE] [FEMALE] [AGE: 30s]

    Franks estranged daughter; American accent; dislikes her father intensely; struggling single mother to her
    young son; works as a dancer in a club


    American accent; friendly; jolly; chatty but a bit too busy for Franks stories – from Toronto

    [STAS]    [MALE] [AGE: 50s+]

    Frank’s best friend; resents Frank not taking responsibility; more of a moral conscience than Frank; tells
    him how it is;


    Berry Season

    It’s a dull day for cashier, Jon at the produce market and then Tracey walks in. All she wants is some
    strawberries, but Jon’s imagination takes off with warp speed. He smells the nectar of her breath, hears
    pounding surf, sees verdant hills, plunges into deep valleys and then, she walks out.

    [NARRATOR] [FEMALE] [AGE: 20s-30+]

    Professional concert speaker; needs excellent sense of timing and ability to speak poetically and sensually

    [SpEAKER] [MALE] [AGE: 20s – 30+]

    Professional concert speaker tones; needs excellent sense of timing and ability to speak poetically and
    sensually; Speaker has the inside track and is the full throttle version of Jon.

    [JON] [MALE] [AGE: 20s]

    Clumsy; works in a market; distracted; attracted to a very beautiful woman while trying not to show it;
    needs excellent sense of timing

    [ETHEL] [FEMALE] [AGE: Ethel: 40+]

    Customer ; impatient; doesn’t suffer fools gladly

    [TRACEY] [FEMALE] [AGE: 20s]

    Customer; very attractive; sensual; long brown hair; needs excellent sense of timing


    Submissions for multiple roles welcome.