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British Theatre Challenge Shortlist 2021

So here it is, The British Theatre Challenge Shortlist 2021.
From this list of 30 plays, 5 winning plays will be selected by the end of July to be performed at a London venue.

Congratulations if your play has been listed below as you have been marked in the top 7% of submissions and placed on our shortlist for this year’s playwriting competition. If your play has not been selected, remember, this is only the opinion of our readers and other theatre professionals may have a different opinion so please keep writing and putting your work out there to be discovered.

In alphabetical order…

A Gift to ForgetHis LoveSounds from The Merry-go-round
Annexing the PalisadesI’m Still the Same Person InsideThe Injured Party
Can There Be Justice For TJJail/BaitThe Key to Life
Cleaning HouseLionheartThe Magic in Christopher
Company FractureMemory, SpeakThe Orange One
Cut it OutMotherlandTwo Sisters
Each Fallen RobinOne Naughty BoxWhen’s Jimmy Gettin’ Back?
Fine Young AssholesOur Finest WorkWhispering to my Pram – Voices of the Single Mummy
God is TransQuinn Doesn’t CareWrestling
Hal and His Atomic Ray GunRed LacesYou Butterfly

Winners will also get written feedback from theatre professionals. The scripts will be considered for publication and filmed in performance by Mini Mammoth Films.

A public audience will vote for their favourite play, the writer of which will then receive the Anne Bartram Award in honour of Anne who passed away on her 64th birthday, 12th June 2018.

Do you have a play you’d like us to look at? The Sky Blue Script Appraisal Service (rated 5/5 on Google Reviews) is available for short and full-length plays. All BTC entrants are entitled to a discount, appraisals are based on word count and start from only £16.

Please feel free to use social media to celebrate your success using @SkyBlueTheatre #BritishTheatreChallenge

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