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Script Appraisal Service

After spending hours working in isolation, creating characters, developing a story, amending and editing your script, the time arrives to show your work to another.  We know how difficult this can be. Who do you choose? A friend or colleague who may be extremely complimentary but not very constructive? A publisher looking for works that suit their policies?

We appreciate the hard work that has gone into producing your script and our experienced team is on hand to be frank, positive and constructive providing suggestions that could help transform your play from page to stage and have it well on it’s journey to gaining publication.

A writer often has just one chance to wow a company or producer with their script. It is essential that script has excelled at everything it does, to be picked out of the crowd and noticed. As we’ve all experienced at some time or another a second opinion can throw up things we may ourselves have missed.

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Process Overview

Submit your script to Sky Blue along with a very fair fee. One of our independent readers will proof read, review and provide feedback on:

-1. The script format and layout providing a marked up copy of the script highlighting any errors
-2. Staging and stage craft
-3. Style, content, appeal, structure, character, dialogue and plot

A full report with analysis will typically be produced within 14 days of confirmation of receipt. The process is entirely internet based; allowing writers to submit their scripts for appraisal at any time from all over the world. The length of each script report may vary just as each script differs greatly from the next.

Benefits For You

An opinion from an experienced industry professional.
A completely fresh view of your script from someone who is not familiar with your plot or characters.
Advice to help you improve your script to increase the chance of publication and successful performance.
Opportunity for further discussion with a Sky Blue representative.
For suitable scripts a recommendation to a publisher for publication.


How much does it cost?
Our costs relate directly to the number of words in your script. Contact us now with the word count of your play and we’ll instantly reply with the cost.

What is the maximum word count accepted?
We would love to read your script, no matter the length. There is no limit to the script size we will appraise

How do I submit my script?
The process is entirely online meaning you can submit your script(s) using our online contact form at any time of day or night from anywhere in the world! If you have any questions regarding this please don’t hesitate to contact us on

Will the reader know who wrote the script?
Our service is completely anonymous. The reader will not have access to the name or contact details of any writer.

How long does it take?
We endeavor to return your script with feedback up to 14 days after receipt by us. Some appraisals may take longer.

How do I make my payment?
Payment can be made securely online via Paypal.

Terms and conditions.
All scripts -must be sent with each page clearly numbered.
-must be sent in size 12 font.
-must be submitted in PDF or Word Document format (‘.doc’ ‘.docx’ ‘.odt’ ‘.pdf’).
-must be written in English.
Scripts may be submitted at any time throughout the year.
All scripts must be accompanied by a payment via Paypal. Scripts that are sent without payment will not be eligible for feedback.
All scripts and questions can be directed to
Scripts are the property of you, the writer, and will not be shared with any third party companies without your permission.
By submitting your script to us you confirm that the work is entirely your own.
All scripts must be submitted without your name or contact details in the files.
The number of words in the playscript submitted will be used to calculate the cost of the assessment which will be agreed with the writer on submission.

We look forward to hearing from you

The Sky Blue Theatre Team

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