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British Theatre Challenge 2017

Submissions for BTC 2017 open November 1st…
A long list will be drawn up by 30th May

Sky Blue choose not one, but ten plays to be produced over two nights in a London venue. One of the winning plays will also be chosen to be made into a short film. Check out the rules, entry details and submission form below.

There is a video below with all the info you need to enter the British Theatre Challenge 2017!
Keep writing and good luck!

Photos & videos of 2015’s 10 plays have been processed by the brilliant Rah Petherbridge Photography and MiniMammoth Films and can be seen on the Sky Blue Theatre Facebook page and Youtube channel.
Submissions for the ‪‎British Theatre Challenge‬ 2017 accepted from the 1st November.


British Theatre Challenge 2016

10 winning playwrights, 4 directors, 1 theatre, and a bevy of actors
thrown in to a melting pot of creativity.

Sky Blue Theatre Company is absolutely delighted and enormously proud to bring you new writing from the
celebrated winners of the British Theatre Challenge 2016

Join us for yet another incredible night of creative exchanges. Laugh, cry, ponder and marvel at some of the
best new writing of 2016 as it is transformed from page to stage and at the end of the evening you decide
who the winner should be! Rub shoulders with actors, directors and the winning writers of Britain’s prestigious
international playwriting competition for two absorbing evenings of a diversity of exciting, singular stories from
around the world.

Produced by Sky Blue Theatre Company and supported by writers internationally the BTC is the new writing
event of the year bringing us ten unforgettable tales, exploring relationships and the strange and convoluted
world we live in.

Friday 2nd December
Blue Love by Daithi de Buitleir –
When a troubled student submits an inappropriate piece of coursework, she sets in motion a destructive,
illicit relationship.
Water under the Bridge by Trevor Suthers –
A fast-paced, punchy and confrontational piece, Water under the Bridge stylishly explores themes of betrayal, recrimination and bloody revenge.
Mercy Killing by Rikki B. Schwartz 
…examining the darker side of forgiveness.
The Gangster Game by Kathryn Bakewell 
The heat is turned up to eleven when an undercover agent enters a poker game with two thick-headed gangsters.
Fallen Wings by Brenda Foley –A tiny gem of a memory play exposing the complex relationship between a mother and daughter.
Saturday 3rd December
The Windsor Con by Paul McCormick –
To what lengths does Frank go in justifying past behaviours? Why not just say, I’m sorry?
iDOLLatry by Jacqueline Malcolm –
Inspired by Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House, a story of lust and mastery.
The Likeness by Peter Billingham –
A man awaits an artist.  Memory and desire await their reckoning. A secret past awaits its likeness – and redemption?
Driven by Rob Selzer –You’ll love watching this likeable narcissist try to charm his way out of one helluva mess.
Berry Season by Rosemary Frisino Toohey –
A young lovely shopping for strawberries ignites the cashier’s imagination and launches his libido on the crimson seas of desire.

The British Theatre Challenge – Supporting and producing work by emerging and established writers across the globe since 2011.

The 10 Winning Plays will be:

  • Given a full performance at the Lost Theatre, London!
  • Developed by professional directors!
  • Performed by professional actors!
  • Given written assessments by theatre professionals!
  • Considered for publication by Samuel French and Lazy Bee Scripts!
  • Filmed in performance by Mini Mammoth Films!
  • A public audience will vote for their favourite!
  • Mini Mammoth film award, 1 play may be turned into a short film!
  • Up to 25 plays will be shortlisted!
  • Final submission date 30th March!

What will Happen

  • Submissions accepted from 1st November
  • Closing date 30th March
  • A long list will be drawn up by 30th May
  • A shortlist will be drawn up by 30th June
  • Winners will be announced by 30th July
  • Performances will take place over two evenings in October
  • Winning playwrights will be presented with assessments in November
  • Videos of winning plays will be released in December
  • In the past few years, over 25 winning plays have been given offers of publication!
  • Find further play submission opportunities here

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So here it is folks, The British Theatre Challenge Shortlist 2016


British Theatre Challenge Longlist

May 30, 2016 Sky Blue Theatre Co

Thank you one and all for entering this year’s British Theatre Challenge. Once again the writing has been of the highest standard meaning our readers have had a thoroughly enjoyable yet incredibly challenging job. Congratulations if your play has been listed below as you have been selected and placed on our Longlist for this year’s […]


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Sky Blue Theatre Company will be granting the wish of terminally ill playwright and company director Anne Bartram by producing her first full length comedy at Camden People’s Theatre, London.


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Brian Coyle a winner of BTC 2014 writes new play

September 23, 2015 Sky Blue Theatre Co

A political satire that asks if politicians ever have to face up to the decisions they have made.


New poster for BTC 2015

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The ten winning plays of The British Theatre Challenge will be performed at The Lost Theatre 23rd & 24th October 2015


Frank Canino’s New Play

September 5, 2015 Sky Blue Theatre Co

British Theatre Challenge winner writes a new play.


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July 31, 2015 Sky Blue Theatre Co

We are delighted to announce that the final 10 winning plays have now been selected.


British Theatre Challenge Shortlist 2015

June 30, 2015 Sky Blue Theatre Co

So here it is folks, The British Theatre Challenge Shortlist 2015
From this list of 25 plays, 10 winning plays will be selected by the end of July to be performed at the Lost Theatre, London on the 23rd and 24th October 2015.


British Theatre Challenge Shortlist

Sky Blue Theatre Co

Will be announced later today (fingers crossed there are no problems with the new website)!


Out with the Old, In with the New!

Sky Blue Theatre Co

As we say goodbye to our old website we welcome in our new website. There are still a few kinks to iron out, please be patient…


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British Theatre Challenge Rules

  1. The competition is open to all nationalities, but plays must be written in English and unpublished for the duration of the competition.
  2. Plays must be written for the stage for more than one actor with a running time of between 10 and 30 minutes.
  3. By entering the competition the writer affirms that their entry is original and they have sole rights to all matters contained within the play.
  4. The authors name and contact details must be removed from all pages of the script. All pages to be numbered.
  5. The first page of each script should include a completed play synopsis of no more than 50 words, a list of characters, a description of setting.
  6. Entries must be submitted with full payment of £16 per play. Entrants may submit any number of plays and each play must be accompanied by the appropriate entry fee.
  7. The organisers will not accept responsibility for the loss of scripts in transit.
  8. The judge's decision is final and no correspondence concerning the results will be entered into.

Play submissions that do not comply with all competition rules will be read in their entirety but may be discounted from the competition without notification to the writer or refund of entry fee.

The closing date for all entries is 30th March.

Entry form

Please complete one entry form per play submitted

By entering the Cambridge Theatre Challenge, in the event that this play is shortlisted, I give permission for it to be rehearsed and performed by Sky Blue Theatre Company for the purposes of the competition. I give permission for my play to be filmed in rehearsal and performance and the film to be made available to interested parties, posted on the web and used by Sky Blue Theatre Company, in whole or in part, for publicity purposes.

I confirm that I have read and agree to abide by the Sky Blue Theatre Playwriting Competition Rules and that I have sole rights to all matters contained within the play.

IMPORTANT - Please checkout with paypal first.
Finally enter your details in the form above, upload your play and then click the blue submit button to the right. You should receive an instant email confirmation of receipt of your play from us (check your spam box just in case).

Personal information submitted will be kept by Sky Blue Theatre Company and NOT shared with any third party. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding results of the competition.

Play Submissions

Suggested Format

The following suggested format is used by many playwrights.

Page 1 – EXAMPLE – is the title page

The Crooked House
M. T. Tum and Doug Graves



Annette Curtain – 14 – 16yrs, Emo
Barb Dwyer – 50's, Annette's history teacher, unemotional
Jerry Attrick – 60's, Annette's grandfather, young at heart
Al Dente – any age, joker

Page 2 – EXAMPLE - Begins with description of the setting in brackets and opens the play.
All stage directions for the actors should be in brackets. Plays may include sound and lighting direction (in brackets) but this is not essential.

(A cold dark evening in the park. There is an overflowing bin next to a park bench and a sign saying Keep off the Grass. Jerry Attrick is seated on the bench asleep. Annette enters)

Annette: (shouting) Granddad.... Where are you?

(Jerry snores and wakes himself up)
Jerry: What? What's happening?

Annette: What are you doing here Granddad? Mum's been calling you.

Jerry: I can't help that. There was a UFO hovering around yesterday and if it lands I get to see the aliens and ask them if they will take me with them.

video and winner boxes